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The company was formed in 1994 and grew rapidly, incorporating in 1998.

We recognised an opportunity for a reliable, customer focussed,
competitively priced grounds maintenance contractor offering a high standard of work - all of particular value to managing agents and commercial clients.

Our coverage is primarily within a 10 mile radius of central Ealing, but we are happy to look at any site of a suitable scale.

Most of our appointments are through managing agents, including some of the leading UK companies in the field, or single self managed developments.

The company operates dedicated maintenance teams, with each site having its own Team Leader to ensure that lines of responsibility and accountability are properly maintained. All key gardening personnel are full time employees.

We can supply full references and testimonials to the quality of our service but our best reference is the gardens themselves and we welcome site visits by prospective customers.


West London Gardens is a service and client oriented business with an excellent record for reliability.  Our visit cycles are carefully monitored to ensure regularity of attendance year in year out.

High Quality Standards

Many enquiries come from clients dissatisfied with the level of service and quality from existing contractors. In many instances sites have declined over a period of time through lack of attention to the essential basics of gardening.  Our standards seek not only to maintain quality, but, where possible, to improve and enhance the appearance of sites under our management.


As a result of our specialist experience, we have a clear understanding of regular maintenance routines across a range of different sites with widely varying budgets. We are also competent in the renovation of overgrown and neglected sites.

A major aspect of our service involves helping clients to assess priorities and maximise the benefits from limited budgets. Even at lower budget levels a well prioritised 3 - 5 year plan will give a better result than the same unplanned expenditure over the same period. We can offer professional advice, working closely with both agents and residents to optimise the potential of any given site.